Giving prestige to or elevating the prestige of individual or organisations through the expression or affection, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect; read more about our Tikanga.

Whare kainga

World View

Indigenous Worldview is somewhat different from non-indigenous world views, we begin with the creation story, we believe in community well-being over the individual well-being and we are forever connected to the whenua, placenta, and link to the land of which we descend from. An interesting article.

The indigenous experience is distinct and yet diverse; many similarities are obvious yet significant differences can be identified That this pattern is so similar across all colonised indigenous groups is one reason for having a theme issue devoted to their health. Chris Cunningham - Director of health research, School of Māori studies at Massey University 2003

Manaakitanga/Health Promotion


INA's health promotion services include a bottom-up approach. Incorporating strength based values and principles that come from a Māori world view.

Whānau, hapū, and iwi are the cornerstones to our existence and were expertly described as our Whare tapa whā, the four corners of our home are Te Hinengaro/ the mind, Te Tinana/ the body, Te Wairua/ The spirit/soul and Whānau/ family (Sir Mason Durie). It's within this world view we incorporate manaakitanga as a reciprocal action.

How INA puts this into practice in the services we provide for whānau, hapū, and Iwi. The actions that come from that are as follows;

  • Confidentiality is very important, and we stand by our privacy policy and will never share information about anyone without their permission.

  • We work with anyone, any group and any amount of people from 1 person to 1,000.

  • Our Health Promotion service also includes personal workshops on living with HIV, referrals to other services, HIV friendly and approachable.

  • Health promotion for groups, schools, learning institutions, organisations and businesses.

  • Whānau ora services, developing and planing for whānau, hapū and iwi.

  • Maintaining a balance of knowledge sharing for traditional and western medical and holistic health treatments and rongoa.

INA (Māori, Indigenous & South Pacific) HIV/AIDS Foundation

To improve the quality of life for whānau living with and impacted by HIV, and improve the quality of information given to whānau, hapū and Iwi.

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